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Palisade fencing prices in Gauteng

The price of palisade fencing is dependent on the nature of the installation. Considerations to be taken when deciding on the installation of a palisade fence include where in Gauteng, the palisade fence will be installed and the type of palisade are only two of the factors involved in selecting a palisade fence.
Below are some more factors to consider, especially for the Gauteng area.

Palisade fencing prices for different options

Palisade fencing options which will affect prices:

  • Will the height of the palisade fence be 1,8m or 2,4m high?
  • Is the palisade fence going to be electrified?
  • Will the palisade fence be made of steel, stainless steel, galvinised steel or painted steel?
  • How long will the fence be?

There are other considerations when dealing with palisade fencing but these will help you to realise where the costs are incurred.

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Security Fencing
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Residential palisade fences
palisade fencing in gauteng
Palisade fencing in Gauteng
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Steel pallisade fences

Palisade fencing prices for different terrains

Gauteng has a diverse rock structure and topography, which means that the soil conditions could vary considerably. Generally a good soil type will require less foundation material which will reduce the cost, but solid rock can be difficult to drill and that may increase the pricing of the installation of the palisade fence despite a good solid base.

Palisade fencin pricing is best on flat terrain, but can be installed on steep inclines if necessary. A high desity of vegetation, especially trees, can affect the pricing of palisade fencing as this needs to be cleared first.