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Palisade fencing sizes

Palisade fencing is most often manufactured in 1800 mm or 2400 mm heights. There are also 600 mm lengths for brick wall tops which can be electrified as a crime prevention measure. The thickness of the steel is, naturally enough, an issue in terms of suitability for intensive security requirements such as fencing and barriers for prisons, bank compounds and mines.

Uses of palisade fencing

Hi-Tech Palisade Fencing Company specialises in the installation of palisade fencing intended as a security measure, we provide and install palisade fencing for:

  • Commercial security
  • Industrial security
  • Residential security

Outside Gauteng, industry is less but palisade fencing is ideal for use on

  • Game farms
  • Nature reserves

to create boundaries between people and dangerous animals.

steel fencing
steel fencing

commercial palisade
Commercial Palisade Fencing
palisade fencing in gauteng
Palisade fencing in Gauteng
gauteng palisade fencing
Fencing palisade in Gauteng

Palisade fencing types

In Johannesburg and the rest of Gauteng most palisade fencing is made of steel. In instances where low security measures are in place the palisades can be made of wood. In coastal areas palisades are generally made of concrete as the corrosive process is extremely slow. Stainless steel palisades are also an option.

Brick walls can be fitted with a palisade fencing wall top which can be electrified if required. To read more about electrified palisade fencing click here.

Palisade Fencing Installation

Palisade fencing needs to be installed properly if it is to be secure and permanent. There are several phases of any palisade installation. In Gauteng Province, South Africa, the soil conditions are largely perfect for this type of fencing and the foundations required are small. The ground is prepared by being levelled after which the upright supports are cast in place. Following this, panels of pre-welded palisade fencing are bolted into place on the solid upright supports.

Palisade fencing company

If you are looking for a palisade fencing company then look no further. Email us on for a competitive quote.

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